Snarky McBitchypants (chicky) wrote in ed_n_chicky,
Snarky McBitchypants


Been researching the k-1 visa some more. While I don't particularly relish the idea of waiting even more time to get Ed here, personally I feel that getting the visa (or any visa of some sort) before attempting re-entry would definitely be the best thing to do at this point.

So, on with the research.

The first wave of forms needed for the procedure is available online through the INS website, along with fairly decent instructions on what is needed throughout the process (for more comprehensive, step by step details, you might want to visit if you haven't already). I plan on printing out all the other forms needed as well, if they're available online (Ed, since you've got a printer up there, I'll tell you which one(s) you need to print and sign and fill out and what you might need to mail to me as well so that I can get the first batch in asap, ok?).

Someone remind me to go to the store tomorrow and pick up some binders, folders, envelopes, etc? I plan on being totally anal about this from here on out.
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